Crystal Growth of Semi-Conductors from Liquid Solutions

Semi-conductors such as Silicon (Si) and Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) form the core of electronic and opto-electronic devices. Liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE) and Liquid Phase Electroepitaxy (LPEE) are two promising techniques for economically producing bulk crystals of the required quality. In-situ experimental measurements in these processes are extremely difficult. Our work in this area focuses on the development of computational models to simulate LPE and LPEE crystal growth processes to gain understanding of the role of various transport phenomena. These models are used for parametric studies, including external magnetic fields and microgravity conditions, in order to guide experimental work and to pave the way for the design of improved crystal growth techniques.








Instantaneous natural convection pattern during LPE growth of Silicon
Flow and concentration fields during LPEE crystal growth of Gallium-Arsenide
Collaborators: S. Dost (UVic), Z. Qin (UVic), M. Kimura (Shizuoka U., Japan)
Funding: Japan Science and Technology Fund; Canadian Space Agency.  
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