Fluid Structure Interaction


Fluid structure interaction plays an important role in predicting the effect of the effect of a flow field upon a structure and vice-versa.

The different kinds of phenomena that can be modelled using fluid structure interaction (FSI) techniques include simple, interesting phenomena such as a flag flapping in the wind to crucial applications in civil engineering such as bridge and sky-scraper design.

Another interesting and challenging problem is that of subsea vehicle propulsion. Fish have evolved their method of propulsion over millions of years. Although there are many different types of underwater creatures, each with their own unique characteristics, one thing is certain: the form of propulsion used is much more efficient than any developed by man.

The creation of mechanical systems that effectively mimic organic systems is known as biomimetics.




The predominant form of propulsion consists of producing a progressive wave with linearly increasing amplitude along the body. The animation on the left demonstrates this.
Flag in motion.




A. Suleman (UVic, ME) N. Djilali (UVic, ME)
Graduate Students:
G.Pedro ( PhD, ME)

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